Monday, October 13, 2008

DeAraujo - Peloso Family Jan. 2008

This is a gathering in Hilo Hawaii after the funeral of George Silva, January 2008. It was at an Asian restaurant next to the old Food Fair. Elizabeth Silva (Peloso/DeAraujo) is in the middle row, left center in a flower dress with a black sweater and wearing glasses. In front on the right is Dominick Rocco Peloso Jr, her first child. In the middle row, in grey is his wife Mary Ellen. Behind her on the right with red hair is their oldest son, Dominick Robert Peloso. To the left of Mary Ellen is their youngest child, in black, Gina Peloso. In front on the left is their middle child, Lindsay Leilani Fifield from Menlo Park. She is holding her daughter, Haley Malia. In the back row, barely visible, wearing glasses, and between Gina and the man in a white shirt, is Anthony Paul "Tony" Peloso, second child of Elizabeth Peloso, of Honolulu. In the middle row, left, is Cathy Peloso (Cavaco - Kaneohe Oahu) Tony's wife. In the front row, right, in a black shirt and brown pants is Michael Peloso, their first child. To the left is BJ billie-jo ka'opuiki Peloso his wife and she has their child to the let o her, Wainohia kaikilani. In the middle, in a white shirt, is Jay Peloso, their second child. Next to Dominick in front is Jay's wife Ofa Peloso wolfgramm of Honolulu. She is holding her newborn son la'auku'ike lelekai rocco, in the horizontal strip clothes. Their first child mohailani tangetaina, , is in front of Cathy Peloso (she is in pink and white and looking left). To the left of Cathy who is in the green dress is Marie Schock (Peloso - Hilo, Newport Beach)the third child of Elizabeth. Behind her in the reddish shirt is Scott Schock her husband (he is standing on a chair, he is not 8 feet tall). All the way to the left in the white tee shirt is their second child, Brian of Newport Beach. Standing next to Brian on the right is Adeline Correa (Peloso), Elizabeth's fourth child of Hilo. To the right of her is James Correa, her husband. In back of Mary Ellen on the left is their first child, Kanale of Hilo. To the right of Mary Ellen is Kanale's love of his life, Cystal makekau. To the left of Elizabeth, in the red and white, is jazmine their first child, and being held by Adeline is jerzey their second child. To the right in back is Chuck Wilson,who is married to Krissy (Correa) of Hilo the second child of Adeline and Jim. In the front row, out in front with a pink dress, white sweater, and white necklace is Sophia, their child. The final person is William DeAraujo. He is the younger brother of Elizabeth, lived in Hilo all his life, and never married. He is directly in back of Cathy Peloso. Missing is Paul Fifield, Lindsay's husband, Catherine Peloso (and her two boys Dominick Michael and Anthony Robert), wife of Dominick Robert Peloso, and Beth Schock, oldest child of Marie and Scott.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Munk Family Reunion

In the summer of 2008, the Peloso's visited Mary Ellen Peloso's (Munk - married to Dominick Peloso) Family in LaCrosse, Wisconsin where she was born and raised. Here is the matriarch, Virginia Munk (Hurley from Caledonia Minn)(in front left). In back of Virginia is her second child, Mary Ellen Peloso. Next to Mary Ellen is her older brother Tom Munk. In front of Tom and next to Virginia is his wife Carol Munk (Ormsby). Tom and Carol live in La Crescent Minnesota, across the Mississippi from La Crosse. Next to Tom in back is their oldest daughter Diedre. Next to her in back is her oldest Keenan, and in front is second oldest Megan and Miles Diedre's youngest is in the red shirt. To the left of the tree in back is the front right corner of Tom's home in LaCrescent.